IUPAT Glaziers Among First to Get Certified by AGMT

Report from AGMT Certification Program:
On July 31, 2019, the Architectural Glass and Metal Technician Certification Program (AGMT) certified 177 professional glaziers. These glaziers range from all over North America and are the first group to become officially recognized as AGMT Certified.
AGMT is a personnel certification program that features an independent third-party assessment. The program earned ANSI accreditation earlier in the year. The program began officially testing candidates in February 2019 and continues to test new participants in new locations. The testing to become certified includes a knowledge-based and performance-based test. The purpose of each exam is to assess a glazier’s knowledge, hands-on skills, and ability. To earn certification, candidates must have 7500 hours of glazing experience and demonstrate proficiency in all areas of the glazing test including store front, curtain wall, safety, sealing, and general glazing body of knowledge.

IUPAT glaziers have a large presence in the field of AGMT Certification.

In a feedback survey from candidates who completed testing, the AGMT program asked each participant if they would recommend the exam to a fellow glazier, receiving a 100% “yes.”
While still in its first year of operation, development of the certification began nearly 3 years ago and has included numerous members of the glazing industry. The goal has been to create a testing standard that will improve the glazing industry in the long-run and establish a higher-quality caliber for construction.
AGMT Program Manager, Ben Beeler, explains: “It says that the glazing technician and the contractor who employs the certified technician is committed to an elevated quality standard. When a workforce has been fully evaluated and certified to have the required skills and abilities to perform work properly, the first time, it will have a positive effect on the bottom line of all involved in the construction chain.”
To mark their designation, certified glaziers receive an official certificate, ID card, and hardhat sticker. Additionally, each glazier is listed on the program site – under the Certified Personnel Listing.
To learn more about the AGMT program and begin first steps of the application process, visit the AGMT site.
Congratulations to all!

IUPAT Labor/Management Statement on IRAPs

Below is a Joint Statement from IUPAT General President, Ken Rigmaiden and Labor-Management Partnership (LMP) Co-Chair, Paul Tsourous

“Our labor-management union apprenticeships that you depend on for developing well-trained, certified workers, are in danger. As a contractor association, we have to use our collective voices to make sure our apprenticeship programs survive.” – Paul Tsourous, Jupiter Painting  

IRAPs are an ABC-backed scheme to benefit non-union companies who want to cut corners on costs and wages paid to apprentices, place a low premium on quality and have as little accountability as possible. We see the direct effect of this when our competitive edge is undermined by wage theft and sub-standard work. Can you imagine if that runs rampant in construction industry apprenticeships?

Simply put, the Trump administration could seriously threaten our successful unionized apprenticeships if the construction industry is included in a proposed regulation on the Industry Recognized Apprentice Program, or IRAPs. IRAPs, are being vigorously promoted by the ABC because non-union companies want more of the apprenticeship action, would have less oversight; little to no accountability; lower quality, standards and wages. By contrast, as you know, our apprenticeship programs always have set the standard for high quality, strong oversight, fair accountability and good wages.

The U.S. Department of Labor has published a Federal Register notice that, for now, excludes the construction industry, BUT intentional language, like “initially”, left the door open to include the construction industry at any time. We cannot let this happen.

We need to shut this down now!

What can you do? Submit a comment to the Labor Department by Aug. 26. By clicking http://bit.ly/SubmitIRAPcomment

In just a few words, you can tell the government that labor-management designed union apprenticeships provide us with the best-trained apprentices for our projects and as a construction industry contractor, you don’t want any part of IRAPs.

“It is imperative that we make every collaborate effort to get out front on this and tell the administration to back off and leave the construction industry out of IRAPs. Our union apprenticeship programs are not broken, so there’s nothing to fix. The deadline to submit public comments is Aug. 26. We need to flood the zone to let the government knows exactly how we feel.” – Ken Rigmaiden, General President, IUPAT

In partnership,

Kenneth E. Rigmaiden

IUPAT General President / Labor-Management Partnership Co-Chair

Paul Tsourous

President, Jupiter Painting / Labor-Management Partnership Co-Chair

IUPAT Helping Hand: Disturbing New Numbers in Suicide Rate for 15 to 24 Year Olds

As the IUPAT continues to get the word out to members and their families that resources for suicide prevention and the battle against substance use disorder are available at our new website – www.IUPAThelpinghand.com, new suicide statistics were recently reported on by AXIOS HERE and HERE.

Numbers that show the need for help is seemingly growing more and more every day. Here are some of the key statistics:

  • The suicide rate for Americans aged 15 to 24 years old — the older half of Generation Z — is the highest it’s been since at least 1999. Up by 51 percent over the last decade.
  • Suicide rates for women aged 15 to 24 have risen faster than men.




Rigmaiden: Union apprenticeships are in danger and we have to stop this fast-moving train.

Union apprenticeships are in danger and we have to stop this fast-moving train.

A message and call to action from International Union of Painters and Allied Trades General President Kenneth Rigmaiden:
In a huge bipartisan win last week, the House voted down the White House Domestic Policy Council’s desire to include the construction industry in planned pro-employer, non-union apprenticeship programs. These apprenticeships would undermine the longstanding, highly successful union-contractor apprenticeships with their own version that would cut corners and hurt workers and the public. Operatives within the Administration are pushing Congress and the White House right now to fund its Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Program, or IRAPs.
Please help us educate the Administration about the dangers of these programs by encouraging your members, employees, family and friends to sign this petition.
Like the fox watching the hen house, the Labor Department would recognize about 70 different accreditors and grant them authority to determine if a program meets a set of apprenticeship standards that the Labor Department, itself, developed, without any oversight from any state or federal department of labor.
IRAPs would not be held accountable to any state or federal department of labor. So who will hold these ABC-affiliated contractors accountable to the White House’s goal of 100,000 new apprenticeships? The fox, it seems, would be watching the hen house. The Labor Department would recognize about 70 different accreditors and grant them authority to determine if a program meets a set of apprenticeship standards that the Labor Department, itself, develops. These programs would benefit the ABC-affiliated non-union companies, who want to cut corners on costs, wages and quality.
This is a four-alarm fire that we have to extinguish.
While we wait on the DOLs release of the draft regulations, likely soon, it’s time to gear up for the fight ahead. We need as many members as possible to add their voices when the final proposed rule is issued and open for public comment in the Federal Register.
Signing the petition is only the first step in this campaign but an important one. We will update you with the latest information, provide message points and other information you may need to let the Office of Management and Budget that the construction industry should be exempt from IRAPs.
In solidarity,
Kenneth E. Rigmaiden
General President

IUPAT Apprentice Saves a Life

Orlando, FL – IUPAT Apprentice Licurgo Leal Velasquez is applauded as a good Samaritan for his quick and decisive action in saving a life.  On Friday, June 7, 2019, Edward Dahl of Deltona was driving his pickup truck near the Orlando International Airport around 7:30AM when he suffered a “blackout.”  The pickup, with Dahl inside, ended up submerged in a large retention pond.  Apprentice Licurgo Leal Velasquez witness the pickup sinking into the pond and, along with two other Samaritans, quickly entered the pond. He swam to the submerged pickup, located Dahl, who was unresponsive, and rescued him through the driver’s side window.

IUPAT apprentice Licurcgo Leal with Edward Dahl.

“I don’t remember much,” said Dahl, who was able to meet his rescuers on Tuesday. “ I’m am very grateful to everybody.  I wouldn’t be here to see them, my family, your family, without you guys” Dahl said while barely holding back tears.

SSPC Webinar Features the IUPAT and its Changing Culture of Construction Program

Changing the Culture In Construction
Thursday, May 16, 2019
2:00pm EDT

Presented by:
John Burcaw
The International Union of
Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT)


This webinar is designed to inform and empower the construction industry by separating fact from fiction and encourage our workforce to choose proactivity when it comes to behavioral health issues and addictions. Our goal is to educate individuals, in turn promoting a healthy, safe, and substance-free working environment.
Note: Registration is Free

About John Burcaw
John M. Burcaw, strategic initiatives coordinator, is responsible for developing, managing, and optimizing external relationships between the Painters and Allied Trades Labor Management Cooperation Initiative (LMCI), the International Finishing Trades Institute (IFTI), industry stakeholders, and advancing the interests of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT), its members, and affiliates. Before this position, John spent close to 12 years as an IFTI apprenticeship and training representative responsible for the coordination and implementation of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) training programs throughout the central United States.

Glazier Certification Now Available

The Architectural Glass and Metal Technician (AGMT) Certification Program has completed its final phase of development and is excited to announce it is now accepting applications for live testing.

This is an important advancement in the trade to take the quality of craftsmanship and safety to a higher level in the glazing industry, and the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades and the International Finishing Trades Institute are leading the charge for this certification for our members.

In development since early 2017, the certification program was created with the help of numerous professionals (subject matter experts) from within the glass and glazing community, including: glazing technicians & contractors, architects, engineers, general contractors, construction managers, industry consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, and professional exam developers to produce an impartial, effective test.

With the goal of minimizing installation related defects and failures within the industry, the Program provides an independent assessment of an experienced Glazier’s fundamental knowledge skills and abilities.  To become AGMT-Certified, Candidates must meet program prerequisites and pass both a knowledge-based and performance-based test.

While testing location dates and times are still being lined up, first stops are scheduled for: Philadelphia, Baltimore, and the California – Bay Area, with more locations to be scheduled in the coming months.

To allow interested glaziers across North America an opportunity to sign up for the certification, the Program will run testing in the coming months, and will begin issuing Certifications to those who qualify on an initial “sunrise” date later this year.

For more information about the program, including how to apply, fees, and study material please contact the office of your IUPAT director of training, or visit agmtprogram.com.

The iFTI launches On-the-Job Learning Tool

The International Finishing Trades Institute (iFTI) has been working with IUPAT district councils to develop the On-the-Job Learning (OJL) and Related Instruction (RI) tool, and it was successfully launched in November. It is designed to have a universal single point of entry to track apprentice hours, compare and verify members’ reported hours, provide progress reports to apprentices, and enable reporting synchronized with the iFTI LMS and IMSe system database.

The OJL project aims to simplify the apprentice reporting of hours, reduce the administrative time required of the district councils, and capture these hours for reporting purposes.

The project was developed in coordination with the LMS, IMSe, IUPAT app, our IT. The project leaders also want to give a special thanks to the members of the OJL Task Force group.

The OJL feature is now available on the IUPAT app, you can download the app at The App Store or Google Play by search IUPAT – Click here for more info.

The iFTI Creates the Path to become a Master Instructor

Quality curricula is crucial to keeping the apprentices and journey workers of the IUPAT the best of the best on the job site, but the quality of instruction is just as critical, if not more so. This is why the International Finishing Trades Institute (iFTI) has been working to take its level of instruction in the United States and Canada to an even higher level than it is now.

The inaugural Capstone Project was held in February 2019 on the IUPAT Campus in Hanover, Maryland with 8 participants.

The International Finishing Trades Institute (iFTI) Master Instructor Capstone is the final course an instructor will take prior to being recognized as an iFTI Master Instructor.  The iFTI Master Instructor Program consists of a total of ten courses. These courses include the combination of two teaching techniques courses, three health and safety courses, four additional elective courses and the Capstone Project offered by the iFTI in Hanover, MD.

The Capstone Project requires further analysis of a training topic impacting the Finishing Trades industries at an international, state/province or local level that is developed into either a research paper or a unit of study for training and education.  The strategy for completing the Capstone project includes mandatory attendance at an initial three-day seminar at the iFTI in Hanover, Maryland where instructors will convey all project guidelines and deliverables, and provide for collaboration and assistance among instructors and peers with topic selection, proposal writing, and preliminary project development.

After the initial three days, students will return home to continue the development of their topic over a period of months with periodic check-ins, conference calls, and virtual support and feedback from an IFTI advisor or team of advisors.

The Capstone project culminates in a two-day showcase of project presentations at the iFTI in Hanover MD where students will share their research and findings or share the design and development of their new course of study.  Students are evaluated on many elements of the project including demonstrated knowledge and engagement with their topic, originality and complexity of the topic, meeting project deliverables, overall participation, effort, and quality of the project materials and presentation.  The final deliverable is a Capstone Project reflection paper that will allow the student to take a final look and reflect upon their successes, failures, plans for improvement and the overall project development and implementation process.

The inaugural Capstone Project was held in February 2019 with 8 participants. Eligibility for participation in the Capstone course is based on completion of the iFTI Master Instructor course requirements.

The iFTI is excited about this new opportunity for our member instructors that will enhance their skills and knowledge and deliver a standard of quality and integrity in our training and education programs as a Master Instructor.

Labor and Management Offer a New Kind of “Apprenticeship”

Traditionally, when you think of an apprenticeship in the Finishing Trades, the work is done in training centers across North America, and with on the job training. Now, thanks to IUPAT labor and management working together, there’s a new kind of “apprenticeship” available to IUPAT members – in estimating.

Estimating Essentials is a course offered to IUPAT contractors who want to introduce a recent company hire, an up and coming journey worker or a foremen whose skills they want to develop to broaden their career opportunities in construction and estimating, as well as give the company another trained estimator.

Estimating Essentials is bringing a new kind of apprenticeship to the IUPAT and its industry partners.

This two-day educational course for the apprentice estimator and a mentor covers all the steps to effectively develop a winning bid. It includes classroom and hands-on estimating practice, from document review through quantity takeoff and the calculation of all direct and indirect costs, concluding with the total price bid.

Topics include:

  • Contracts and other bid documents
  • Quantity takeoff
  • Direct costs
  • Indirect costs, contingencies and overhead
  • Common errors made and how to avoid them
  • Practice estimates
  • Internet resources and tools

Classes are currently being held different areas across North America and well received by the students. Students are asked to make comments in a review, and the feedback has been very promising for the class to continue to develop and succeed.

“I believe this course should be offered to every new signatory company that has new estimators.”

“The class was the best construction training class.”

“This was a great class. I have only been estimating for three years, and this class showed me that I am doing things correctly and on the right track to succeed.”

Visit www.LMCIonline.org under programs to learn more about Estimating Essentials and the other programs your labor and management leaders are creating for union members and the companies they work for.