Finishing Industries Forum – FIF

The FIF is a three-day annual event where presentations, workshops and programs focus on the most pressing issues facing our industries. This industry event makes certain employers are armed with every tool made available by the LMCI, IUPAT and FCA to increase market share, field the best trained workforce and successfully navigate the legislative and regulatory issues in today’s industries.

Attorneys Seminar

Effective legal counsel in the daily affairs of both labor and management is crucial for their mutual success. As the laws, rules and practices governing the unique partnership of labor/management change on a regular basis, the sharing of information and best practices among our attorneys is urgently needed. The LMCI Attorneys Seminar is a two-day annual event where labor and management attorneys and company and union representatives discuss legal issues facing our industries. Regular topics include the National Labor Relations Board, Pitfalls of Subcontracting Language, Immigration Control, Project Labor Agreements, Healthcare Cost Control, Workers Compensation and Strategic Planning. CLE credit applications are facilitated for those who attend.

Project Management Training

LMCI Project Management provides some of the tools that an effective Project Manager needs such as: the ability to provide vital independent and professional service; how to plan, lead, organize and control the management of projects and programs, from inception to reality. This Classroom and Distance Learning training enables the Project Managers to manage the projects like a business by making decisions that positively impact the project goals and benefit the signatory contractors of the IUPAT.
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Mutual Gains Bargaining

The mutual gains negotiation program of Cornell University’s School of Industrial Relations forms the basis of this seminar. The method of negotiation is known variably as: interest based, win-win, principled or integrative bargaining. The seminar is designed to convey both the theory and practice of a systematic approach to bargaining that results in better solutions, greater compliance by the parties and improved, more effective relationships.

Top Workplace Performance Steward Training Program

The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades established its Top Workplace Performance Plan (TWP) to ensure only the best crafts men and women are on the job for its employers. Workers who are deemed to be unqualified to work receive additional training until they their skills are suited for the job. This class was created to assist them.

Local Roundtable Meetings

The LMCI Local Roundtable Meetings are designed to educate and provide an open forum to address industry issues. These roundtable discussions may not present all the solutions, but always allow for frank discussion and the sharing of our experiences and ideas. The labor/management roundtable meetings precede the annual LMCI Finishing Industry Forum.

Partnership and Local Area Grant Programs

The purpose of these grants are to foster improved labor and management relationships on the local level by providing financial aid to labor-management groups and labor organizations. The funds are specifically tasked with offsetting the expenses to meet on a regular basis and launch initiatives that will improve the industry for signatory contactors and union members.

Safety Training Awards Recognition (STAR)

STAR is an incentive-based rewards program that serves to improve safety awareness on the job site by rewarding safe work habits through participation in continuing safety training and education. Workers must complete the required safety courses and maintain a minimum number of safe work hours during the qualifying work period to be eligible for recognition and rewards.

The LMCI sponsors the qualified personnel of our participating employers to attend “Train-the- Trainer” Programs held at the IUPAT International Training Center (ITC). These programs cover a wide selection of Health and Safety, Technical, and Trade Skill topics.

Guidebook for Collective Bargaining

The LMCI supports local collective bargaining by providing information and facilitation when jointly requested by labor and management. If offers this guidebook to assist local area labor and management in the collective bargaining process. It provides an outline, timetable and recommendations to facilitate the meetings.

Industry Liaisons

The LMCI Industry Liaisons serve as our ambassadors to the construction industry. They work every day to:

  • Facilitate pre-jobs on national agreement projects
  • Participate in contract negotiations as a neutral party
  • Assist with the Finishing Industry Forum
  • Host the Mutual Gains Bargaining Seminar
  • Participate in industry labor/management meetings
  • Attend & participate in contractor and employer association meetings
  • Supervise the LMCI exhibit at national trade shows